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Code No. : EN-TTPC1000 , Range : ( 0 ~ +1,000 )bar , Make : ENRICO.

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PRESSURE COMPARATOR ( TABLE TOP MODEL ) , Code No. : EN-TTPC1000 , Range : ( 0 ~ +1,000 )bar , Make : ENRICO.

When calibrating pressure measuring and controlling instruments including pressure gauges and pressure calibrators , it is essential that a stable pressure source of generating requisite pressure is available at hand. We provide all types of Comparison Test Pumps to fulfill this need. For Table Top High Pressure Models , we manufacture High Pressure Comparison Test Pumps that are made using best quality raw materials. These are highly useful for conducting calibration of pressure gauges and switches and are in great demand in shipping , petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries etc. Our pumps work in accordance with comparison method. These are designed in a compact way and are extremely light weight.


EN-TTPC1000E Pressure Comparison Test Pump for Comparing Instruments Against Master Gauge , Provided With a Screw Pump with hand held priming , two gauge stands with ½” BSP Gauge Connectors. One Instruction Manual and a tool bag Containing , One Pointer Puller , One Pointer Punch , One Set Oil Seals , Three Nos. Spanner , One Screw Driver , Three Allan Key , Adaptors each of M20X1.5 , 3/8 BSP or NPT , ¼ BSP or NPT , 1/8 BSP or NPT. Light Duty Machine. All Internal parts made are in SS 304.

Technical Specifications

Model No. EN-TTPC1000E
Type Hand Operated Screw Pump
Range ( 0 ~ +1,000 )kg./cm²
Fluid Used Water or Oil
Weight < 7kgs. approx.
Size ( 250 X 350 X 50 )mm.


This Calibrator applies the Pascal’s Law in its use. Pressure is applied on the liquid inside the cylinder of the screw pump by the movement of the piston. Pressure gets transmitted to both limbs equally and if a Master Gauge is connected on one limb and a Test Gauge on the other limb , then both should show the generated pressure equally. If not , the Test Gauge is adjusted.


Useful for the testing and calibration of Pressure Measuring and Controlling Instruments.


EN-TTPC1000E Download pdf


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